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Experimental Animals


Immunodeficiency Models

- Diabetes Models
- Genetically Modified Animals
- Other Disease Models (Germ Free)
- Closed Colonies
- Inbred Strains
- Hybrid Strains
- Various Experimental Animals
- About Production and Supply System
- Results of Microbiological Testing


Experimental Animal Diets

- General Diets
- Radiation-sterilized Diets
- Special Formula Diet
- Results of Diet Analysis Tests

 About Us

Corporate Information

- About CLEA Japan, Inc.



- 2/10/2017:
CLEA Japan and Physiogenex will present a Poster at the Kidney Week 2017, Nov. 1-5th, 2017, New Orleans, LA, USA.
Date: Nov. 3rd,
Poster Board #: FR-PO592

- 19/1/2016:
CLEA Japan starts collaboration with
France preclinical CRO Physiogenex S.A.S.


Contract Services

- Microbiological cleaning
- Strain maintenance and development
- Animals that have undergone manipulation
- Studies
- Others


Cage & Equipments


Catalog No.1:
Cages, Bottles, Feeders, etc.

- Catalog No.2:
Experimental and Handling Devices and Disinfectants
- Catalog No.3:
Bracket, Running Water Flushing and Auto Scraper Units
- Catalog No.4:
Cage washer, Autoclaves, Waste Water treatment system and Inhalation Experiment system
- Catalog No.5:
Clean Air System and Biohazard Containment System


Rserch and Development

- Diabetic Nephropathy:

CLEA Japan and Physiogenex are developing a novel rat model for evaluating drug targeting Diabetic Nephropathy by using type 2 diabetes model Spontaneously Diabetic Torii fatty rat (SDT fatty rat)
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